A close up shot of my vinyl collection.

Listen, "of the day" is going to have to be loosely interpreted. As in, it's the record I'm listening to on the day I wrote the post, not that I'm listening to and writing about a different record every day.

Although it was first attempted as just that: I would listen to a record, either vinyl, CD, or digital download and write about it. This was back in digitallofi.com v1. The idea was inspired by writer Brian W. Collins' Horror Movie a Day blog, which I had started reading early on it its 6 year run1. If he could watch a full movie every day, 365 days a year, and eventually write a post about it, I could certainly do it with a lp album. Alas, I probably made it about a couple months. I even banked like a half-dozen that I had written before I even started publishing them. But after I burned those, I quickly began letting the whole endeavor slide. There were just things I was more interested in writing about, or not writing about but doing (i.e. making music).

And, frankly, some days I just don't want to listen to an album. It begins feeling like a chore. Not the ideal state for enjoying music. Some days I just want to set the iPod to shuffle. Some days I just need to not hear music by other people. So I gave it up and went back to writing about VST plugins and sample libraries. (It was pretty funny that on a site where I wrote mostly about making computer based music I was also pontificating earnestly about Drive-by Truckers.)

Then when I was spending more time on Instagram (post-Facebook acquisition, pre-shittification) I would post shots of whatever vinyl record I was listening to. But, you know, the algorithm there just buried me eventually for whatever reason and the only people who saw it were friends & family2. And I'm pretty sure most didn't particularly care about my vinyl collection.

So when I finally fled Twitter for good in November 2022, setting up shop on mastodon.social, one of the things I did to build a network of mutuals was start posting in the hashtags #vinyl and #nowplaying.3 And I adopted #RecordOfTheDay for these posts, more of a way I can keep track of what I've posted. But since my posts there will auto-expire after a couple of weeks, and in the name of my own writing, photos, let's just pick it up here.


1 The blog is still going but it's no longer literally him watching a horror movie a day. Just general reviews of horror movies he sees when he sees them. Give him a follow. I don't always jibe with his taste but there's no doubt he has a unique perspective and has forgotten more horror movies than you've seen.

2 I'm not on Facebook--I dumped a long time ago and have successfully avoided it since; well done, me--so Instagram is where I still interact with irl friends and family. It's also where I can "stay in touch" with those Twitter mutuals who haven't acclimated to or joined Mastodon. But I'm on private; I pretty much hate Facegram (especially in the wannabe Tik-Toc era). But since it's the only place online I can see this group in my immediate orbit I can't bring myself to delete my account...

3 That, and posting to #MST3K during a Mystery Science Theater 3000 Turkey Day Marathon were the two things that gave me a true foothold in Mastodon. It gave me a bunch of people to follow and followed me back. From there I've been able to build a network of people. But, as I've said, have a much longer post about all that in the works.