Ok... where were we?

It's time to re-own my content. Back in the early/mid-2000s I had what was primarily music technology & music process focused blog, residing at this same domain. I closed that down after a few of years because honestly I was spending more time writing about the gear, software, other people's music, and to a lesser extent my methods of working, than I did actually creating music. I wanted to release songs not blog posts.

A few years later I resurrected it as more general interest blog, some studio stuff, some just me interfacing with the world at large. Because while I've played music since I was a bored teen in rural NH, at one time I also aspired to be a writer. Alas this version of digitallofi.com v2.0 was short lived and not terribly interesting. This would've been the early 2010s and, frankly, at the time Twitter had a lot of my attention. (It was a fun time to be on Twitter.) Also, the CMS I was using was something a friend set up for me, because I didn't want to use Wordpress1 but in the end it wasn't a platform I wasn't all that interested learning or maintaining.

So here we are. I'm using a CMS that I used a lot to manage small websites as a freelance "webmaster"2 (again, not WordPress). It's not the latest and greatest, it's not a javascript framework, or a headless architecture, or activity pub enabled3. But understand I spend a lot of time professionally dealing with such matters, and the point of this is just to write stuff that's too long for Mastodon, too tedious for my mutuals to flood their timelines while I verbosely, discursively work through my thoughts.

We'll see the actual of frequency with which I post, or what the nature of my writing will skew towards. But this is just a personal blog. There will be music tech most likely. Stuff about movies, especially horror & cult & retro cinema. Books. Nature I suppose. Life in Vermont. Nothing overtly political, especially partisan US politics; frankly, there are a lot of people who cover that stuff more passionately and better informed than myself. But life under capitalism is in its very nature political so to claim that I am not engaging is disingenuous at best.

I hope you add this to your RSS reader and let me know if there any I should add to mine.


1 As a webmaster2 I dislike like WordPress. I find it unwieldy, slow, a magnet for hackers, and the templating system a pita. But the first version of this blog had been built using WordPress and a custom theme.

2 The loss of the moniker "webmaster" is a minor shame for the independent web developer. One has to wear so many hats when working for small businesses & nonprofits that you're not just a web developer. You're a web & print designer, an SEO specialist, an email marketing manager, et cetera. A jack of all trades is a master of none, but often times better than a master of one. 

3 Certainly that is top of my list for this website's tech road map. I'm sure this CMS will find way to integrate with activity pub. But in the meantime find me on my own Mastodon community server.